Ann Terranova Financial Advisor

New Union Financial Partners web site and blog

Hello, and welcome to the new Union Financial Partners web site and blog.

I am very excited to announce our new web site and this blog because it represents the culmination of a lot of hard work and a new ability for us to reach you and provide you with ongoing support in reaching all of your financial goals. Our new web site has a modern framework that allows us to provide a great deal of contemporary information to you, faster and more effectively. When the market is rising we will post and discuss a variety of topics. When the markets are retreating, you can count on us to console and help you cope during turbulent times by reminding you of the sound investment principals that we use to cultivate and grow your wealth.

In addition to the new and modern look is all new content.  You can easily forward items of interest to your friends and family.  We hope that you will take advantage of this valuable resource. We encourage you to share our information with others.

With the new web site we are launching an ongoing blog posts series. This blog section of our web site will become an important channel for presenting and discussing topics of interest on a regular basis, so you will want to subscribe. The commentaries and information in this forum won’t be limited to our own postings.  You can help make this blog a success by commenting and adding topics. That said, if there is information you are seeking or want to suggest that we address as a future blog topic, please use whatever communication method is most convenient for you, and let us know. 

We established this new web site and services to provide timely information on a self-service basis. This is just one of the exciting projects that we have initiated to better serve you and to keep you fully engaged  in the financial planning process. More new features and services are on the way, and when they are ready you will be the first to know!

Best wishes for your future financial successes.