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Union Financial Partners provides comprehensive financial planning and goal based investment management services. Our mission is to provide our clients with the advice, focus, clarity and strategic tools they need to achieve long-term financial success.

We are a fee only financial advisor, which means that we work exclusively for you, our client. Our motivations, actions, advice, recommendations, and investment instruments are unconditionally aligned with your best interests, the growth of your wealth, and the attainment of your financial goals. Our client-focused philosophy and deep desire to help pervades everything we do.

Why choose Union Financial Partners as your financial advisor?

We know that everyone has a different set of circumstances. We work with every one of our clients in a very personal, individualized manner. After thoroughly analyzing your unique financial situation, we’ll make concrete recommendations to improve it. Because we are a fee only financial advisor, you can be assured that we’ll never recommend that you buy, sell, or trade financial instruments so that we can make a commission.

Financial security and peace-of-mind

To learn more about how our fee only financial advisor services can help you achieve your financial goals, please contact us for a free consultation: 415.563.3000 or email [email protected]

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