Do I need a Financial Planner to achieve my financial goals and maximize my wealth?Q:Why do I need a Financial Planner to achieve my financial goals, maximize my wealth, and have long-term financial security with peace-of-mind?

A:As this video indicates – you must have a Financial Planner that understands all of your finances and drives your Investment Strategy to meet your income needs and long-term goals.


We will help you set and achieve financial goals then link Investment Strategies to your Financial Plan. Learn how and get your questions answered in a brief no-cost no-obligation meeting.

Take Advantage of our Free Consultation with our Financial Planner, Ann Terranova, to learn how you can set and achieve Your Financial Goals and establish a corresponding Investment Strategy.

More information on why it's important to work with a Financial Planner and have a plan at Let's Make A


Financial Planning and Investment Management - Options, Issues, JargonDo you find all of this Complicated? Confusing? Overwhelming?  Financial Planning takes away the confusion! We have the knowledge, experience, and patience to simplify and clarify finances and investing for you.
Are you not sure how to get started or how to improve your financial situation?  We know how to help you set explicit goals, improve your finances, get you started, keep you on track, and instill peace-of-mind.
Learn more about personal and family finances, achieving financial goals, successful goal-based investment strategies, and get your questions answered in a brief no-cost no-obligation meeting.

Take Advantage of our Free Consultation Offer to learn how you
can establish a Customized Goal-Driven Investment Strategy.

Union Financial Partners has the knowledge and experience to combine a thorough review of your personal situation, comprehensive financial planning, and goal-based investment management methods to help you achieve ongoing and long-term financial success.
Individuals, family members, and/or if you own or run a business then you can benefit by contacting and partnering with Union Financial Partners who will:
  • simplify and clarify financial planning and investing for you
  • help you feel financially secure and have peace-of-mind
  • create a comprehensive financial plan with you and for you
  • custom design a goal-based investment strategy that includes a "paycheck portfolio" that will provide ongoing income throughout your planned retirement
  • assist you to efficiently and effectively manage all of your finances, investments, properties, and assets
  • advise and clarify for you what you can afford and how much you can spend
  • advise you on major decisions and purchases, and how those decisions and purchases will impact your financial goals including you retirement
  • exercise discipline to efficiently and effectively manage your investments toward all of your financial goals, especially through periods of moderate or extreme market volatility